Monday, July 8, 2013

Vanganna Vanakanganna HD

I am back after a long time. Was tempted to do something fun. So when this song leaked on the internet, i was tempted to do my stuff on it and post it. The original song was done in Plain Jane fashion by the composer GV Prakash , so i decide to pep it up a bit with my own bassline, arpeggios, interludes, strings, guitar, tambourine, trumpet arrangement to make it more pleasing to the ear. Here i post it to you guys for your valuable comments. If you need the MP3 version please buzzme.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tracks born out of boredom

After a long time i was free yesterday and i did a few tracks of each 30-45 secondss approx. as i was bored. All tracks are mostly raga based melodies. Please hear it at

and post your comments

Monday, August 8, 2011

Vizhigalil oru vanavil instrumental

I was tempted to come out of my hiatus and to do a piano ensemble of this song. here it is for you to listen and post your comments

you can listen and download here

Video version in youtube

I have been getting a lot of request for chords of the above song vizhigalil oru vaanavil. So these are the chords i have used with. Thanks roentgen (IKF) for giving me the basic idea........

(AbM7) Vizhigalil Oru (Bbm) Vaanavil.. (Fm) Imaigalai Thottu (Bbm) Paesuthey..
(AbM7)Ithu Enna Puthu (Bbm)Vaanilai.. Ma(Fm)zhai Veyil Tha(Eb)rum..
Unnidam (Fm)Paarkiraen.. Naan (Eb)Paarkiraen..
En (C#)Thaaimugam An(C)bae..
Unnidam (Fm)Thoarkiraen.. Naan (Eb)Thoarkiraen..
En(C#)nagumo In(C)gae..
Muthan Mutha(Bbm)laai Mazhangugi(C7)raen..
Ka(Fm)nnaadi Pola (Bbm)Thoandrinaai
En (Fm)Mun Ennai (Bbm)Kaatinaai
Ka(Csus4)naa Engum Vi(CSus4(7))naa..

Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil.. Imaigalai Thottu Paesuthey..
Ithu Enna Puthu Vaanilai.. Mazhai Veyil Tharum..

(Fm)Nee Vanthaai En (Cm)Vaazhvilae
(Fm)Poo Pooththaai En (Cm)Vaerilae..
(Cm)Naalaiyae Nee (C#)Pogalaam..
En (Cm)Nyabagam Nee (C#)Aagalaam..
Thaer (C)Sendra Pinnaalae (Fm)Veethi Ennaagu(Bbm)mo..(C) oooo.....
Yaar Ivan.. (Fm)Yaar Ivan..
Or (Eb)Maayavan Mei(C#)yaanavan An(C)bil..
Yaar Ivan.. (Fm)Yaar Ivan..
Naan (Eb)Naesikkum Ka(C#)nneer Ivan Nen(C)jil
Inam Puri(Bbm)yaa Uravithu(C7)voo..
En (Fm)Thaethi Pooththa (Bbm)Poovithu
En (Fm)Nenjil Vaasam (Bbm)Thoovuthu..
Ma(Csus4)nam Engum Manam..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long time

I know its been such a long time since i have posted anything here. i am doing a few instrumentals will soon finish it and post here. until then keep waiting...............