Sunday, March 9, 2008


For long i have been fascinated with IR's orchestrations. Ilaiyaraaja was one of the early Indian film composers to use Western classical music harmonies and string arrangements in Indian film music. This allowed him to craft a rich tapestry of sounds for films, and his themes and background score gained notice and appreciation amongst Indian film audiences. Ilaiyaraaja's songs typically used to have a musical forms where vocal and choruses are interspersed with orchestral arrangements ,Especially the lead notes are intervowen with supporting melody lines played by instruments. He had created many preludes /interludes /bgm /themes in this fashion.
i have tried to recreate one such theme here , the theme of GEETHANJALI a.k.a IDHAYATHAI THIRUDATHEY. Though this theme is not so famous as Mounaragam theme , this one gives you a lingering feel and makes you wonder how IR can create such themes. Please do hear the theme and post your valuble comments . if u like it and have a compatible phone please download and use it as ringtone

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