Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mundhinam Parthene Instrumental

This is the latest instrumental i have done. It has taken me more than 3 months to finish doing this in my newly upgraded home recording " Noize Factory". And the good news is that i am out of hibernation and i am going to do a lot more soon!!

No , This is not done on a karaoke!!!. All the tracks have been recreated in my studio including the strumming guitar which comes from a software called BigfishAudio Rhythm Guitar and FX. This is the same software used by Harris to compose the song, And yeah this is the same strumming pattern George Micheal would have used in his song called "Faith". So the sample itself is called the Faithy Strum.

This is the first instrumental i have tried to do some active automation A.K.A Mixing, with an equipment called B-Control ( Behringer BCF2000) in my studio.

I have taken a lot of pains make it sound as close to the origional as possible.

Kindly hear it and post your comments


I am planning to upload this to youtube as well. will soon post a link here