Thursday, May 31, 2007


Disorientation refers to the mental symptom of feeling loss or unsure with repect to time place person. Bangaloreans are disoriented to atleast one of these three especially to place.Bangalore is really a nice place to live if u know the traffic rules and way to navigate the city.
It took me only three and half hours to reach hosur but from there drive down the straight road to bangalore city took me 3 hours thanks to the horrible traffic and people with horrible driving discretion.i could see people driving with funny helmets that looked like head bands over their heads and and people driving cross country on a straight road . thanks heavy traffic we reached to centre of bangalore after inching little by little. We were supposed to get to our hotel in a jiffy but alas!!! the traffic regulation in banglore is so stupid that every alternate street is one way so after a long search we found out finally where the hotel was. The hotel and its ambience was superb . Room was dimly lit and neatly decorated. I liked everything about the romm except for the health faucet in the toilet which richocheted back everytime i pressed the button on it .phew!!! wat a force water came from it truely like a bullet out of a gun. i wonder why people need so much force of water in the toilet. Next morning the nemesis started. My bro-in-law came and we all planned to go to iskon temple and it was now we found out how bad were the road sense of bangaloreans. Each time we asked for the way for the temple people used to tell turn left guesturing to turn right with the hand . ultimately we were confused whether to turn right or left or to turn which left or which right as there used to be a 30 deg left 45 deg left and a 60 deg left in each traffic circle. I think its high time these people learn to guide travellers correctly round the city.
And not to mention about the traffic lane sense of these ppl. people come in their cars in the opposite lane when the traffic signal for that particular lane is in green. phew!! i had a tough time negotiating my santro in this traffic. God !! please somebody teach them the traffic rules!!!!
And now the things i enjoyed in bangalore...........................
1. ROAD - The chennai banglore highway was the best ever road i had driven my car . my santro was cruising at 140 kms/hr without a jerk. what a road!!!!
2. GREEN- All the roads in banglore are filled with trees on sides and that give it a cool feel
3. McD and KFC, Frankies - i fell in love with the burgers served there what a taste . b'lore is the heaven of junk food . i just love it
4. Parking - it is so streamlined all these foreign parking ticket vending machines and all
5. UNO game- i got a pack of cards called uno that was advertised in tv and had fun playing it all night long with my cousin aasish , anand and my wife!! . she plays all these card games too well she is the queen of cards!!!!
6. X-BOX room MICROSOFT INC - I went to my techie- bro in laws office and he took me to a break out area which had coffee/ pepsi vending machines and plasma tv's and a X-Box room- it was cool to play NFS with all those surround sounds speakers with vibrating chairs and giant screen . it just gave a realistic feel as if i am driving the car inside the video game. wow!! what a break out area. if only my hospital had a break out area!!! mmmmmh.

Thinking about my hospital AAAH! Its time i must get back to my hospital. signing off. yours truely.............................

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Anand said...

Chennai roads and traffic is far better than that of Bangalore. Not to mention the public transport system in Chennai, Bangalore doesn't have anything even for namesake ! :)

Anyways, step up the tempo and move away from UNO ... grow in to the real world of POKER! :)