Thursday, July 19, 2007

Forget the Doctors – Be Patient with the Pain!

Those who want to make money, inspired by the infrastructure, the country they are going to visit and last but not least unconfident about themselves in practice or joining hospitals go to UK, USA or any damn country.

OK Allopathic means inventions and lot of pains and discoveries by West – NO doubt.
That does not mean India lacks in possibilities of practice or earning money.

All it requires is PATIENCE and not PATIENTS.

Let me compare the statements of close Advocate friend who said:
First you do not get patients or fees.
Then you get Patients but No Fees.
Lastly You GET FEES and NO longer you want patients! (Clients) This is the truth.

Confidence in giving advice to patients and doing surgery becomes a routine after sometime. In between difficult patients (like clients in Advocate field) or death may appear.

But to me and most of Indians (even West, where legal suits are filed to gain money only) Doctors are GOD who give gives us second birth. And relief from from physical pain instantly. And their words are more healing than any person on Earth.

Some people say Doctors make money! Is it a sin to make money? When you are relieved from the pain don't you feel you are worthy of no money (meaning any amount is worth paying?)

All professions are for earning. Nothing is free on this Earth.

People give anything except Love. And sure Doctors give that more than any one and give relief of physical pain also. They have no personal lives except their Patient's care in their mind! And why not should they earn or be given money?

Forget about the novel by Final Diagnosis or any damn novel, which say Doctors are corrupt! Let them be! Do they not save my LIFE?

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Ammo said...

OMG... R u really serious when u typed all this in? Whatever u claim... maybe true to some extent or to be more specific... maybe 40% of doctor population are like that. For sure the remaining 60% of the population are corrupt. Perhaps, you've not been to a Govt. Hospital in India before as a patient who has no cash, no influence and nothing. Try that and you'd know how ur fellow doctor's behave. How experienced doctors behave and so on... Doctor's can never give re-birth like you claim. They r not God! Its like a Mechanic and a Car Manufacturer... Ur not the manufacturer who designs and produces the car... u just change oil, weld parts if they r worn out! U guyz just fix wht has already been created! Its never a sin to make money... You can make money by working as labor or by selling drugs... one is gud and other is illegal. There are many stories of kidney theft, brutal medical murders for the sake of money and so on.. If someone writes a novel and its a best seller there's a reason I suppose! This is not to degrade the medico community or something... (me personally hailing from a medico family shudn't talk like dis). This is just me... And I know opinions differ... I wanted to let u know that there's another side for the story too... Tht's all.. No Hard feelings! No Offense! I luv medicos!