Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mundhinam Parthene Instrumental

This is the latest instrumental i have done. It has taken me more than 3 months to finish doing this in my newly upgraded home recording " Noize Factory". And the good news is that i am out of hibernation and i am going to do a lot more soon!!

No , This is not done on a karaoke!!!. All the tracks have been recreated in my studio including the strumming guitar which comes from a software called BigfishAudio Rhythm Guitar and FX. This is the same software used by Harris to compose the song, And yeah this is the same strumming pattern George Micheal would have used in his song called "Faith". So the sample itself is called the Faithy Strum.

This is the first instrumental i have tried to do some active automation A.K.A Mixing, with an equipment called B-Control ( Behringer BCF2000) in my studio.

I have taken a lot of pains make it sound as close to the origional as possible.

Kindly hear it and post your comments


I am planning to upload this to youtube as well. will soon post a link here


Divya Jayamurugan said...

That's a good try! I really enjoyed it. keep up ur good work! :)

Alwyn said...

Hi Dude,
Am not able to view your file, as it's blocked in my office. Am a Basic Guitarist could you please send that cords across to my mail ID. I am planning to do this song for my US clients.

My ID:

Thanks Dude.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashwin,

Great effort and good song choice for instrumental. Keep it up.


Nandu said...

Hi Dr.Ashwin,

Very nice work and I liked it.

Waiting to hear more from you soon.


Anonymous said...

Good job Ashwin. Give me more and more melodious songs like this. Thanks.

Karthik M said...

Good Job Dr. Ashwin! The Music is very crisp and clear. Nice choice of instruments and tones! Keep up the good work.. Hoping to hear more from you soon..

Karthik M

Ramesh said...

Hi Ashwin,

Great job! You have mimic-ed the original very well. The sax sound in the interlude was too good - very close to the original. What did you use for this? The playing could have been better though. The rhythm guitar sounds exactly like the original. I am surprised that music directors use Guitar strumming loops when they have easy access to so many musicians. Was this strumming pattern a pre-built pattern provided or was the pattern constructed by you?

Expecting more from you. :)


Anonymous said...

Very nice one doctor! very very authentic!!! Keep going!

drashkum said...


the sax in interlude wax from my Yamaha PSR2000 which was tweaked to get a more vibrato effect and more tenor.

The strumming pattern was a prebuilt one in the software called " bigfish audio rhythm guitar and fx" it came at 80bpm and in C,F,G (MAJOR CHORDS) AND Cm,Fm,Gm each. i sped it up in soundforge and transposed each sample to the chords i want as the song was in B major scale with chords in A, Bm F#,C#m g#m

Shiva said...

While I was searching for karaoke, i stumbled upon your blog and I heard your creations and was amazed at the effort and time you have devoted to express your wonderful talent. Keep up your good work. On a selfish note I am looking forward to more solo tracks which then I could steal to create my karaoke. When you have time, please visit my blog at

Once again, nice work.


Ramesh said...

Thanks for the info Ashwin !

tushar said...

gr8t Baba... keep it up...enjoyed ur composition.

Shiva said...

Was wondering if you can remake Katrin Mozhi from the film Mozhi. I am looking forward to hearing that

Ravi said...

sir can you tell me how to download BigfishAudio Rhythm Guitar and FX

drashkum said...

No idea ravi. i had this in my harddisk somehow by chance dont remember how i got it. may be you can visit a few music sites and see if it is available

yezdi said...

great, i enjoy the instrumental very much,the music is v crisp, keep up the good work, as someone mentioned, pls try kaatrin mozhi would do it amazingly..

Anonymous said... are you doing?

Im coming to India to do my Masters, as such, i need some advise. It would be wonderful if you can help me regarding this.

Thank you.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

My mail add is

And i love ur mouna ragam theme. I loved that movie and the songs, and thats how i stumbled across ur blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashwin,

It was very good, i liked it. I am trying to get the chords for this song, i am a beginner in guitar, can you send me the chords to my mail id.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashwin,

It was very good, i liked it. I am trying to get the chords for this song, i am a beginner in guitar, can you send me the chords to my mail id.

Hope to hear from you more...

Louis Maxie

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashwin,

You'd requested Kangal Irandal karaoke, i have made it available on my website at the following link:

Hope that helps.

AJ |

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hey.. got to listen to your mouna raagam theme recreation.. first portion.. good.. 3rd.. the violin one can improve (a lot)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!!. I was looking for some chord info and landed in your blog. Then I got to hear your instrumental arrangement of the song. Very good work.

Jothilakshmi said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

hi can you please give me the strumming pattern for the song i just love it i am trying it since many days please help.

Anitha Chowdary said...

hi while am searching mundinam parthene guitar notes i found ur profile i didnt try this code even i appreciate your work keep posting valuable posts like this
you can reach me at

Anonymous said...

is there keyboard notes available ? thank you.

Abhi said...

good job